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    Using The Refundo Dashboard To Grow Your Tax Business

    Sep 11, 2020 - 4 min read

    Refundo Dashboard And Your Tax Business

    Like with any tool, learning how to use the tool for its designed purposes and functions is always the first step. This is the same case with tax-softwares, and tax-technology. The tools will only be as effective as the people making use of them. However, the Refundo dashboard is specifically intuitive and designed to be extremely user-friendly.

    Refundo Dashboard

    The overall goal of the Refundo products is to enable tax-professionals and tax-office owners to succeed at a higher level.  This could mean achieving stronger books of business, and ultimately higher profits, or enabling a tax-professional to work part-time and rely on the income of their tax-business completely. 

    No matter your goal, Refundo is there to provide the products, knowledge, and support you need to achieve as much success as you see fit, whatever that means to you individually. 

    The Basics 

    The Refundo dashboard is meant to act as a hub of information for the user. The hub displays a whole series of information that is pertinent to the overall performance of the tax office. 

    There are many features of the Refundo dashboard that empower tax-professionals to see the detailed numbers of their tax-practice. Having insight into this granular data allows tax pros to make informed decisions backed by real-time data. 


    Speaking of information and data, reporting is one of the most powerful functions of the Refundo dashboard. Able to produce bank deposit statements and bank product summaries at a moments notice - the Refundo dashboard allows professionals a transparent view of their finances no matter how they want to segment the data. 

    Refundo Dashboard reporting

    These bank statements provide vital information to the historical performance of the tax-office, as well as which ad-campaigns over which months had the best conversion rates. 


    Marketing is an integral aspect of any business, especially a tax-prep business. Improving a firm's marketing strategy is a large focal point of Refundo as a whole, and this is reflected in their powerful dashboard. 

    With Facebook ads and Google ads that are copy+pasteable into your marketing strategy (see example below) available within a few clicks from the homepage of the dashboard - Refundo’s dashboard is intuitive, comprehensive, and growth oriented. 

    Virtual Post 3

    Additionally, demographics and target markets for specific ads have already been designated, giving you simple and easy access to effective advertising for any target market you choose. 

    Not only does the Refundo dashboard provide ads for you to plug into your marketing strategy, but the dashboard also offers a direct-mailing service, allowing your tax-office to mail out postcards and other pieces of direct-mail to their clients. 

    Managing the Book 

    Refundo’s dashboard also acts as a way to manage your client-list. With a searchable, book-of-business type feature, the dashboard allows tax professionals instant access to a snapshot of any one of their clients. 

    Information like their refund, payment history, and other pertinent information is available on this screen. 


    Not only that, but the Refundo dashboard enables firms to accept credit card payments through stripe for a regular fee. No hidden charges, and everything upfront. 


    This is an extremely convenient feature that allows tax-professionals to take credit card payments, which greatly expands marketable demographics, and potential clientele. Accepting credit card payments is becoming an expected industry-standard, and firm’s unprepared for this payment method will suffer by losing business to competitors with more flexible payment options. 

    Grow Your Business with The Refundo Dashboard

    The Refundo product suite is designed to help tax professionals optimize efficiency, increase savings, and grow their book of business. At the center of these products is the Refundo dashboard which acts as an information-hub. Tax professionals can gather telling insights from running reports, manage sub-office activities, and utilize the in-dashboard marketing ads that are provided to grow their book of business. 

    To reinforce your messaging, and expand your marketing efforts, you can make use of the direct-mailing services that the Refundo dashboard offers. Allowing you to connect with your clients directly through a more traditional means. 

    No matter your growth strategy, the Refundo dashboard can help you achieve your goals. For more information on the Refundo dashboard, and all the benefits and insight it can provide you on your business, visit Refundo today. Get in touch with a tax professional, and get started growing your book of business with the Refundo dashboard.

    Ryan is a determined leader with a proven record of success in areas of Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Sales Management and Business Management at the local, regional and national levels. He is a freelance writer and content collaborator at his core.

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