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    The Refundo Dashboard Has Features You Never Knew You Needed

    Aug 02, 2020 - 4 min read

    Refundo Dashboard Tools and Features

    Making the most out of anything comes with understanding. For example, the Chinese alphabet. While to some the calligraphy looks like nothing more than some pretty artwork - with understanding, these fragile and detailed drawings turn into a useful language tool.

    Similarly, before a coffee bean can ever be ground and made into a steaming pot of joe to take the edge off the morning, it starts as a plant that needs to be harvested. Optimization, therefore, stems from comprehension. The same theory applies to using the Refundo dashboard tools. 

    Refundo Dashboard Features

    Refundo is dedicated to easing the lives and careers of tax-professionals. The tools and software that Refundo offers are all designed to streamline processes, inform the tax professional, and empower an entrepreneurial spirit.  

    Insights Drive Decision Making

    The Refundo dashboard tools offer the user a wide breadth of capability. So much so that it can be a little daunting to take in all at once. However, the features and tools included in the Refundo dashboard are capable of providing valuable insight on a variety of key metrics for your tax prep firm. 

    Use data to make smart decisions

    Utilizing these insights, owners of tax prep firms can make informed decisions influenced by hard data that is easy to access. This data can relate to office performance, marketing campaign metrics, overall sales, and much more. Truly offering the user a comprehensive view of where their office, or offices stand. 

    There are three main functions of the Refundo dashboard and each offers an extraordinary amount of value to the user or tax-firm employing that software. Those three functions are: marketing, reporting, and planning. 


    Marketing is arguably one of the most crucial aspects to any businesses success. Regardless of industry, marketplace, or any other series of variables. Marketing efforts are the main force driving new-business, as well as one of the many reinforcements that is accountable for retaining existing clientele. 

    Tax Business Marketing Strategy

    The Refundo dashboard recognizes the importance of having a comprehensive and impactful marketing campaign. A marketing strategy that yields conversions, future leads, and word of mouth referrals. Ultimately all-in-all contributing to the company image and brand-perception. 

    As such, the Refundo dashboard offers the user simple and easy to use marketing-plugs for all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These ads are customizable, and require little-to-no technical ability, making them extremely valuable marketing assets. 

    Additionally, the dashboard tools offer a wide breadth of reporting ability - including reporting on previous marketing campaigns, which can then be utilized in the crafting of future campaigns and marketing strategies.


    As was just mentioned, reporting is a massive function of the dashboard. Not only reporting on current and previous marketing campaigns, but also on other valuable performance metrics. 

    Tax business reporting

    These metrics can range from being as granular to as specific as the user requests, and are accessible in a matter of moments. This swift access to data, and the powerful reporting tools offer tax professionals more insight into their daily activities than ever before. 


    What good would reporting on current and past activities, paired with a library of accessible marketing assets be if they weren’t there to facilitate growth

    Refundo’s goal is to help provide the systems, software, and processes that allow you to grow your tax-firm above and beyond your wildest dreams. Making use of the insightful data that the reports generate, a user can plan out the strategic use of marketing assets available through the dashboard, and ultimately create a comprehensive growth-oriented business plan.

    Tax Office Strategic Planning

    While almost nothing ever ‘goes to plan’, it’s important to start with a path and a goal in mind. If things change along the way, so be it. That’s life after all. Do your best to plan with Refundo’s sophisticated dashboard tools. 

    A Final Word on The Refundo Dashboard

    The Refundo dashboard is chalk-full of features and tools that can help optimize your tax-firm and keep your firm relevant all year long. However, utilizing all these dashboard tools to the best of their ability comes with understanding, practice, and experience. 

    Start to realize the heights of your tax-firm’s potential by utilizing the dashboard tools offered in the Refundo dashboard. From granular reporting tools that offer valuable insight, to easy-to-use marketing assets that are proven to build your book-of-business, the Refundo dashboard has everything you need to elevate your tax practice.

    Roger loves utilizing technology to solve problems tax preparers face on a daily basis. When he's not writing, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing Fortnite, and updating his Pinterest board for new home projects.

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