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We’ve been talking a lot about focusing on people’s attention and the importance of challenging ourselves in order to become successful. On one side, we see how Facebook serves as a great platform to share your information and content with everyone. The other side reflects your ability to embrace change and try new things. Still, I think it’s even more important to dive deeper with concrete examples and ideas of how to engage your audience.

With that said, ask yourself how much video content you’ve displayed. Do you think it’s worth it? Are people really paying attention to it?

If you’ve ever been on Facebook, sometimes you can’t help but wonder how a video received so many views. But is it really that hard to imagine something very funny going viral? Not really. When it comes down to it, they found a way to connect with people.

They found a way to be different.

So that’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to share some ideas of how to increase video engagement, and we’ll see who’s brave enough to try it themselves.

The engagement solution

Think about this. How often do you come across clients that are trying to save money on their tax return? Maybe they’ll throw a very subtle, “So…I can write that off right?”


I hope a very bright lightbulb turned on as result of this question. People don’t really know what they can and cannot write off, so how can you help in that process? We know the obvious answer is to teach them, but how do we do this at scale?

In other words, isn’t it possible for more people to have the same question? If that’s true, doesn’t it make sense to share that information with the public?

Here’s the most important takeaway. By sharing this useful information with the public, you’re making yourself an expert, and more importantly you’re allowing people to interact with your brand.

So, going back to the previous example, here’s what you can do.

Create a video series that answers that particular question. Think of all the ways that taxpayers can save money on their returns, and share that with people through a video.

Cut it down


It doesn’t have to be long. In fact, most people prefer short videos. You can record it right from your phone and even include hashtags like #writethatoff or #savingmoney in order for people to quickly search your content. Here’s where you start to look at your short term vs long term goals.

Become a regular


Consistency is key in making sure your audience engages with your content. If you think that creating one video will do the trick, then you are sadly mistaken. You need to become a regular in your audience’s timeline, feed, or inbox.

Your audience wants to feel like you’re there to help and provide insight. It also helps answer if you really care about them. I can assure you that if you show effort, your audience will be grateful for it.

Keep it real


Most importantly, make sure that you’re enjoying yourself too. Be fun and creative when you’re recording these short videos. Try different approaches and see how people best engage with your content.

Once you’ve started to create videos, then you can transition to Facebook Ads. This is where you position your videos in the form of an ad to people who are in your zip code and are interested in saving money.

Don’t just create videos and expect for people to engage with them. Nothing is worse than having awesome videos with no one watching them. Everything follows a strategy and purpose, and it’s important you always have that in mind.

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