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    Grow Your Tax Office With Facebook Marketing

    Sep 30, 2016 - 3 min read

    Marketing can be overwhelming for many businesses, primarily because there are so many platforms to do it in. Still, I think there is one fundamental truth as it relates to marketing and your business, and it comes in the form of a question.

    Where is my client’s attention? It’s such an important observation, and unfortunately gets overlooked quite often.

    Think about that question for a second. If you had no idea about marketing, where do you think you’d focus your attention?

    If you thought social media, then you’re on the right path, and if you answered Facebook, then you’re in tune with people’s attention. Snapchat is certainly a huge player in the social media game, but the marketing features are still not all there. And Facebook has certainly made itself into a force to be reckoned with.

    I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of things you can do on Facebook Ads.

    (Sample Facebook Ad)

    You can advertise to people based on:

    - Income level

    - Interests

    - Behaviors

    - Location

    - Demographics

    - Ethnicity

    - Age

    - Gender


    Let me give you a quick example that relates to you and puts things in perspective. Let’s say I want to create a facebook ad for new clients and inform them of a promotional deal for next tax season (something that will help you stand out from your competition).

    Now let’s say that your typical customer has the following characteristics:

    - Married

    - Dependents,

    - Owns Home,

    - Lives in your city,

    - Earns 50,000/year,

    - Between the ages of 25-50

    You have the ability to select these characteristics on Facebook and market your information directly to them.

    Let me remind you, Facebook is where everyone spends their time nowadays. How often do you catch yourself perusing through facebook videos or information? Think about what your customers might be doing.

    Let’s take it a step further. Here’s where you can get very creative.

    What if you wanted to create a Facebook ad that focused solely on people who liked your competition?

    Wait, can you do that? Absolutely.

    Here’s how you need to position yourself. Your competition’s clients can be separated into 3 groups.

    • Those who are very loyal to that ERO.
    • Those who wouldn’t mind hearing about a better deal or more options.
    • And those who just heard about it from a friend and have little to no relationship with the ERO.

    Your goal is to provide clients from the last 2 groups the value to make the switch.

    It’s almost like they’re waiting to choose the right alternative, and if you don’t, then they’ll just do the same thing they did last year.

    We have to focus on being creative and utilizing the tools we have at our disposal to be successful. If we don’t, then we’ll end up fighting for our limitations, and eventually end up keeping them. I ask that you be bold and give it some thought.


    Jesse loves marketing and writing posts that focus on adding value to tax businesses across the country. In his spare time he enjoys playing soccer, loves to travel, and eat strange cuisines!

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