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Top Reasons For 2017 Bank App Rejects

Rejected Bank Apps Explained

If you are wondering why you don’t see your customer’s application on the Refundo Dashboard and you have received IRS acknowledgement, it may be due to a rejected bank app. This just means that you may have missed important taxpayer information.

We’ve put together a list of the most common rejects we are seeing this season to help you avoid them. When completing returns, pay close attention to the following and make sure they are completed properly.

Rejected Bank Apps Explained

1. Invalid data in the Primary Residential or mailing address either

Reason: PO Box, number entered but no street name

2. Mobile or Primary Phone number missing

Reason: field was left blank

3. Incorrect, invalid data, or missing email address

Reason: field was left blank or email address entered was not in correct format

4. Primary ID Type or Place of Issuance

Reason: field was left blank

If you do get any of the reject reasons above, you can work with your transmitter to get the information corrected or reach to our customer experience team for assistance.

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