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    Refund Transfers: The Growing Popularity Of File Now, Pay Later

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    Refund Transfers: 3 Ways To Help Taxpayers Feel More Comfortable

    Helping Taxpayers Feel More Comfortable With Refund Transfers Comfortability comes with time, understanding, a...

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    Refund Transfers: 3 Ways To Help Taxpayers Feel More Comfortable

    Jun 04, 2020 - 4 min read

    Helping Taxpayers Feel More Comfortable With Refund Transfers

    Comfortability comes with time, understanding, and education. These are the principles tax professionals should look to when communicating the process of using refund transfers. As covered in Refundo’s article on implementing tax refund transfers, refund transfers are simply the process in which clients opt to allocate a portion of the tax-refund they are due, to cover the fees associated with the tax-prep services provided by their tax professional. 

    Using refund transfers is a simple and straightforward way to collect the fees for tax-prep services, as it guarantees payment, offers massive convenience, and comes with absolutely no up-front cost.

    Explaining Refund Transfers

    Educate taxpayers On Refund Transfers

    As a convenient and customer friendly payment method, using refund transfers is becoming a staple of the industry, and after the successful implementation of processing payments through refund transfers; it becomes the tax professionals obligation to deliver comprehensive, and easy-to-understand information in regards to using refund transfers.

    Refund Transfers Awareness

    While businesses need to recognize that the era of information is providing consumers with more and more data, enabling them to make more informed decisions, and should be able to cater to this customer base; companies also need to be aware of and prepared for an uneducated consumer market - and should take it upon themselves, as industry authorities, to present information, and operations in a clear, and understandable way


    Refund Transfers Postcard


    Customers may be wary about using refund transfers, as many people turn to prioritizing the safekeeping of personal information, especially in these volatile times. There may be a perceived threat to one’s identity or sensitive personal information in selecting a refund transfer.

    As tax professionals who understand industry best practices, and the many customer-facing benefits of using refund transfers; it’s part of the job to help consumers understand and feel comfortable with selecting a refund transferAttract Taxpayers To Your Tax Business

    Increasing Comfortability around Using Refund Transfers

    There are some very simple techniques that tax businesses and tax professionals can take in order to best prepare for the wary client unsure if using a tax refund transfer is really their best option. Some of these tactics are: 

    Available Literature:

    Preparing easy to understand pamphlets, or postcards that clients can refer to and gain an understanding of the tax refund transfer process are extremely effective. Graphics and visuals have a higher rate of retention (Download Our FREE Content Calendar), so investing in proper design is an important reality any company in a service-based-industry should be ready to address. 


    Refund Transfers Brochure


    In customer-facing literature, it can be ineffective to include too much industry jargon, and should be written in layman's terms that can be easily understood while also providing a thorough understanding of using refund transfers.

    Security Reassurance:

    While fraud risks are no joke - tax professionals are already held to strict standards when it comes to accessing using, and sharing personal information. However, perceived threats can be just as paralyzing as the real deal. 

    Providing reassurance that using refund transfers poses no additional security threat to sensitive personal information, is important in establishing a comfortable decision-making environment for the customer. 

    Refund Transfer Secure


    Educated Staff + Additional Resources:

    Tax professionals need to be dedicated to continual education. With tax codes receiving annual updates, and the ever-growing complexity of corporate and business taxes; remaining educated and updated is essential to maintaining a competitive edge. 

    Refund Transfers tax course refresher

    An educated staff equipped with additional resources is any company's strongest asset, and this is especially true when it comes to the tax service industry.

    Providing accurate information to customers with a voice of confidence and authority, and a brand-reputation to reinforce that information, is integral to creating an environment in which customers feel comfortable and prioritized. 

    Refundo is here to help tax professionals and firms alike operate at their maximum efficiency, and take the guesswork out of things like collecting payments, or processing refund transfers. For all your tax-service needs visit Refundo and take a tour of the many products and services we offer.

    Roger loves utilizing technology to solve problems tax preparers face on a daily basis. When he's not writing, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing Fortnite, and updating his Pinterest board for new home projects.

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