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Every year, the tax industry seems to get more competitive, particularly around Do It Yourself (DIY) platforms. As more people experience the need for instant gratification, it will become increasingly difficult for tax professionals to fulfill it.

For instance, there are many taxpayers with an "old school" approach to filing their taxes, which consists of only stepping foot into your office. This is what they know. However, as technology and innovation start to make things easier, their preferences will inevitably change. 

Do you remember when Amazon came out with Free 2 Day Shipping for Prime members? It was insane! People couldn't believe how quickly they received their packages. As time passed, this became the norm, and people began to expect this type of convenience.

If we become accustomed to speed and convenience in our everyday life, then it's only a matter of time before the "old schoolers" demand or question "why can't taxes be easier" or "do I physically need to go into their office to file my taxes?"

This is exactly why we decided to create Connect.

Aside from the convenience an app brings, we wanted to create something that was specific to tax pros and their tax office. Connect lets you add your office branding, colors, logo, and intro message within minutes. It wasn’t just about creating a generic and functional app. Connect is about showcasing your brand in a unique way and making a lasting impression.


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Connect Imports Directly Into Your Tax Software

The moment your client submits their tax info, it goes right into our Dashboard. You are now one click away from importing the data into your tax software.

Once tax pros import the info into their software, then they’d handle it like any other return. The goal is to keep finding ways to improve the taxpayer experience while making the lives of tax pros much easier.

As the tax industry incorporates new and exciting ways to stay relevant, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Most importantly, it’s important to stay competitive. Start taking ownership of the tools you have available, and provide your clients with an experience they will absolutely love!

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