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    Tax Business Growth: 10 Ways To Get More Google Reviews

    May 27, 2020 - 5 min read

    Getting Tax Business Reviews on Google is Key

    It’s no wonder the internet is now the first point of contact between consumers and companies. At a moment’s notice, they can get a list of relevant, nearby tax businesses simply by typing a word or phrase into Google.

    When a search is performed in Google, the results page has three components: paid results, local/maps results, and then organic results. Any of the local/maps listings you see are those of tax businesses that have a Google My Business listing. It is through this listing that tax businesses can present their contact information, increase their exposure, and accumulate reviews from customers.Content Calendar Banner

    1. Create “Leave us a Review” Cards

    Have physical cards made up with a shortened version of your Google review link. Something like this could work:

    Review Us on Google!
    Your Google review helps others who need our tax services this year
    Plus, your feedback helps us to continue serving you best.
    Take a minute to rate and review us at [shortened link].
    Thank you!

    2. Ask in Person for Google Reviews

    Having a good conversation with a client in your tax office? Just finished a solid support call in which your client felt eternally grateful? In your interactions with clients, there are many opportunities to ask for Google reviews.

    Here are some good examples:

     “I’m so happy to hear you loved working with our team. If you wanted to leave that in a Google review, you’d help a lot more people like yourself to find us.

     “This feedback is super helpful. You know what would be awesome is if you shared that feedback online for other customers to see.”

    “I’m so happy we could help you. If you wouldn’t mind sharing a sentence or two in a Google review, that would help us a ton.”

    And then you have that compact little card that gives them instructions to leave a review and thanks them in advance for helping your tax business to help more people.

    3. Emphasize to Customers How Easy it is

    One method that could help garner more Google business reviews is to emphasize customers how easy it is to leave one. Remember that:

    • They can just leave a star rating without writing anything.
    • If they do write, the review can be one or two sentences.
    • Using terminology like “leave a review” or “drop a quick review” instead of “write a review” might feel less like work to customers and result in an increase in reviews.

    4. Create a Google Business Review Email Campaign

    Whether via individual, personalized emails or a larger campaign, this is another effective way to get more Google business reviews. Just be clear in your ask—don’t try to sugar coat it, beat around the bush, or coerce them into doing it without realizing.

    There’s nothing wrong with asking your customers to do something that will help other future customers. Plus, if you have happy customers, you’d be surprised at how willing they’ll be to write a review for your tax business. As long as the process is clear and you make it fast and easy to do, you’re likely to get some reviews out of your email campaign.

    5. Add the Google Review Link to Your Website

    For relevant pages of your website, use a button or anchor text to link to your Google business review form. This might be on your contact page, thank you pages, or purchase confirmation pages.

    6. Include Google Review Links in Surveys

    Asking your clients for their feedback lets them know that you value what they have to say and have their best interests in mind. If you’ve gotten someone to fill out a poll or survey, they’re already in the proper mindset. See if you can take advantage of their momentum by asking them to review your tax business on Google while they’re at it.

    7. Get Google Business Reviews from Partners

    Partners may not be customers, but they can attest to what it’s like to work with your tax business on a regular basis. They also might be more willing to leave a Google business review if you write one for their business first.

    8. Respond to Google Business Reviews

    When you respond to your clients Google reviews, you are letting new potential reviewers know that you listen to customer feedback and that it’s worth their time to write their own review.

    There are two ways in which responding to reviews can get you more reviews.

    Positive reviews: Being specific, timely, and grateful in your responses to positive reviews will beget more positive reviews.

    Negative reviews: Responding promptly and politely to negative reviews and actually resolving the issue can oftentimes result in the conversion of a negative review into a positive one.

    9. Put a Google Business Review Request in Your Email Signature

    Adding a link to review your tax business on Google in your email signature is a great way to ask for more Google reviews without actually asking!

    Something like:

    • Have we helped you? Help others to find us by leaving a Google Review!
     Happy with [Business Name]? Leave a review here.

    This can be particularly effective if you communicate on a daily bases with clients via email.

    10. Follow Google Business Review Guidelines

    Please note that you must follow Google’s guidelines when soliciting reviews. This means you should not offer any rewards and should ask your customers equally – whether they seem to have had a positive or negative experience.


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