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Why You Shouldn't Miss The Refundo Webinar Series

Hopefully your summer is off to a great start and you’re rewarding yourself for a busy and successful tax season. There’s nothing like eating your lunch not in front of a computer screen.

Once we caught our breath, the Refundo team got right back to work on thinking of ways to enrich and support EROs and spread knowledge throughout the industry. We kicked off our Refundo Webinar Series in April, and so far we’ve covered some pretty cool topics like “5 Mistakes that can Cost you Business” and “5 Ways to Keep Clients Engaged After Tax Season”. We’ve had an awesome response, so hopefully if you haven’t had a chance to join us yet, you will do so very soon.

The topics get even more interesting and the content just gets better and better as the summer goes on. We keep the webinars short and sweet; they last 20 minutes and are held on Wednesdays for your convenience. During each session, we give you a chance to interact with our guest speakers as well as fellow audience members. We make sure that the information we present is relevant to you, the ERO, and that we provide you actionable advice so you can implement what you’ve learned right away.

Below are a few of the topics we have on the horizon as well as a link to register for Wednesday’s webinar. As you might have guessed we LOVE social media, so we keep a lively dialogue going on Twitter! Just use our hashtag #taxprotalk and jump right into the conversation! Be sure to keep an eye out for more details on future webinars. We can’t wait to see you there!

 Upcoming Webinar Topics:

  • How to Build A Successful Service Bureau
  • 10 Ways to Frustrate Your Best Clients
  • Why should I become an Enrolled Agent (EA)?
  • Why you should be Tax Industry Tradeshows


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