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Facts Only by Refundo Episode 2

Daphne Veras on Jan 14, 2016

Here is the latest episode of our video series #faxonly by Refundo. 

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Stay Up To Date With Our New Video Series

Daphne Veras on Jan 13, 2016

Introducing our new series #faxonly (facts only) where we will share updates, news and a little bit of industry gossip. Enjoy :-)

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Refund Advances Are Back... But At What Cost?

Jesse Arroyave on Sep 17, 2015

Competition is a very funny thing. It has the ability to shift mentalities, embrace change, and push your work ethic. In fact, your work ethic is the only thing you have absolute control over. Nothing else. It requires sacrificing your energy and time to be your best self, thus giving you more tools to compete.

Unfortunately, competition can also show a different side. The importance of competing and staying relevant sometimes forces us to make rash decisions, disregarding how it affects the people around us. It resembles taking performance enhancing drugs in sports or using insider trading information on the Wall Street trading floor. Competition should always reflect a positive outcome, not one that causes disbelief.

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Why Your Tax Business Needs a Website

Daphne Veras on Apr 03, 2015

I know what you are thinking. 

My tax business is very small. It’s just me, my receptionist, and the occasional seasonal employee that I hire to help during tax season.

Plus, it’s not like I can offer my tax preparation services online anyway. Do I really need a website?


- This is not what you should rely on for your business to be found.
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The Real Price of Tax Fraud

Daphne Veras on Mar 27, 2015

Whether this is your first tax season, or your 21st, I’m sure you’ve encountered attempts at fraud in one form or another.

It’s hard to maintain your competitive edge in this industry, and sometimes it may seem like cutting a few corners can help you get a leg up; it’s a victimless crime anyway, right?


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7 Ways to Build Loyalty with Customers During Tax Season

Jesse Arroyave on Mar 19, 2015

For most, tax season is ending. But you’re not most people, or are you?

What do I mean by that?

Well, that depends on how you view your business, how much you’d like it to grow, and what you found successful this year.

Tax season has been exhausting, perhaps even more stressful than the previous one. At this point, referrals are slowing down, most people have completed their taxes, and are thinking about what the summer is going to be like. You’re probably thinking the same, which is perfectly OK. In other words, opportunities to bring in more business naturally dwindle around this time.  

But, what If you worked on the little things to help improve your business for next year?

Wait, what the hell does that mean?

Let me explain.

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What are Refund Transfers?

Daphne Veras on Jun 10, 2014

Refund Transfers Empower Tax Professionals

This post is intended for the tax preparer, regardless of experience, who is interested in learning more about “tax refund bank products,” or “bank products” for short. To understand bank products, it’s helpful to understand what happens at the tax office.

When engaging a new client, a tax preparer will typically ask for upfront payment and, in rare cases, a tax preparer may decide to assume a credit risk by preparing the taxes anyway and collecting payment at a later date. Simply put, a bank product is a third option which allows a tax preparer to collect payment from a taxpayer’s refund with the assistance of a trusted financial services provider.

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