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Top Financial Tips for College Students

Sarah Kaufman on Aug 21, 2013

Back-to-School Budgeting

It’s about that time — time to say goodbye to summer fun and hello to textbooks, school supplies and dorm room living. And while going back to school is an exciting time to reconnect with old friends you haven’t seen all summer and buckle down on schoolwork, it’s also the perfect time to revamp your budget and learn solid financial life lessons that you can take with you into the “real world.” Follow these easy tips to ensure you’ll not only save money in the short term, but also have a successful financial future.

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The Importance of Automatic
Bill Pay Reminders

Sarah Kaufman on Jul 26, 2013

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How to Get Credit Without a Good Credit History

Daphne Veras on Jun 25, 2013

You’ve decided it’s time to focus on building up your credit history. You’ve never had credit in your life, and you are very excited to start this new phase. You’ve done enough research to know what it takes to have an excellent credit score. So you tell yourself that once you get your credit card you’ll only use it for purchases you can afford, you’ll never miss a payment, you’ll keep a low balance-to-limit ratio, and all the other good stuff you’ve learned about building a healthy credit score.

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The Benefits of Going Paperless with Your Financial Accounts

Sarah Kaufman on Jun 19, 2013


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Today’s Must-Have Banking Tools

Daphne Veras on May 29, 2013


As with every big change, every time a new banking technology is introduced we are skeptical to try it out. It’s not until the techies and first adopters give us the thumbs up that we feel comfortable using and integrating it into our everyday lives.

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Presos and Demos Doubleheader (May 28th)

Daphne Veras on May 22, 2013

Refundo Mobile

On the heels of  Finovate, we’re gearing up for our next set of events. So next Tues, May 28th, we’ve got a great doubleheader in store for you!
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Refundo's FinovateSpring 2013 Trip - Day 2

Daphne Veras on May 15, 2013

What a great day! We started off with a quick breakfast before settling in for some awesome pitches and demos. Some of our favorites included EyeVerifyTrustEggTSYSVenmo Touch by Braintree and more. Incredible innovation going on in the financial sector!

We also had a blast meeting folks from all walks. From innovators to banking partners to policy advisors to supporters of our mission.. it’s been really great getting to know everyone and seeing firsthand how the industry is evolving.

Some of the most interesting themes for us are international payments, how remote check deposit and mobile bill pay are driving branchless banking, and how big data is transforming traditional processes and customer understanding.

After a great networking session at the end of the day, we headed over to Intuit’s Apprising event. Great people, vibe, drinks and appetizers made this a supreme event. They were also making custom shirts for attendees (cool) and what I liked most was how they were going head-to-head with Yodlee with their “Partner Platform”. Slightly bummed that we didn’t bump into anyone from their tax side (e.g. ProSeries, Lacerte), but not entirely unexpected.

From there, dropped off Roger for a business dinner with lawyers while Daphne and I stumbled upon a soul food / jazz bar called Biscuits and Blues. Great music by a very energetic group, and crispy southern fried chicken. Must check it out. After a long day, headed back to hotel and straight to bed.

Today, we issued our press release and excited to have Roger present. We’re lucky to have some important meetings lined up and excited to meet more folks before flying home tonight.

Stay tuned for our Finovate video to be released soon! And show our cause some love on Twitter or Facebook!!

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5 Apps to Manage Your Finances & Save Money

Sarah Kaufman on May 07, 2013

In today’s ever changing, fast-moving, mobile-driven world, people are going crazy over the mobile apps that are going to help them be more efficient, teach them how to manage their time better, and make their lives easier. Financial management, one of the many daunting, and sometimes tedious, tasks that we’re all faced with each day, is no exception to this phenomenon, and there are plenty of top-rated apps to prove it.

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"Banking" On The Underbanked: To Serve The Underserved

Ross Wolfe on Feb 08, 2013

Stuffing too much money under your mattress? You might be underbanked

Arjan Schütte has some pretty bold opinions, and he’s not afraid to speak his mind.  For this, he doubtless deserves to be praised.  And we certainly thank him for his openness in granting us an interview.

Still, there’s some evidence and opposing viewpoints that would seem to run counter to his claims regarding the underserved — the unbanked and underbanked, for those unfamiliar with the industry jargon — and the possibilities of mobile technologies.  So it’s not entirely beyond the pale that we might gently critique a few of his assertions with counterevidence we’ve come across. 

For example, Arjan at one point makes the following blanket statement:

I don’t see the [major] banks trying to serve [the underserved].  Minor initiatives and feel-good efforts around the edges, sure.  Nothing at scale.  For tens of millions of people, the bank will never be an attractive solution.  For thousands of banks, these potential customers will never be attractive.

Michelle Parks of Crain’s Cleveland Business sees things otherwise.  In an article written last September, “Lenders go after ‘Underbanked’ to fill Revenue Gap,” she noted that the unbanked and underbanked have increased in number of late, especially during the recent (ongoing) recession.  Parks cites James Thurston, spokesman of the Ohio Bankers’ League, as having indicated “[t]here’s a lot of growth potential for the banks.  We’re not talking a few thousand people.” 

Nor does it end there.  Parks has done her homework.  In dialogue with Bruce Murphy, the president of Community Development Banking at KeyBank, a company that has offered products and services to the underserved since 2004, the subject of the so-called “MegaBanks” came up.  Murphy asserted:

There is an awakening in traditional financial institutions that they can no longer ignore this segment.  I think two years ago, people were saying, “OK, guys, we have to pay attention to this.”  Things are coming to market now.

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3 Steps to Keep Your Finances in Check

Sarah Kaufman on Dec 03, 2012

1. Create a financial plan.

The most important way to keep your finances in check is to create a personal financial plan and try to stick to it. Start by creating a basic budget. Calculate how much you need to spend each month on mandatory expenses: rent or mortgage, utility and wireless bills, medical bills, food, student loans, and anything else. Compare the total with your monthly income. Can you afford to spend a bit more? If so, factor into your monthly costs the less mandatory costs: entertainment, travel, gym memberships, etc. Finally, subtract your total expenditures from your monthly income. The difference is how much extra money you have leftover for the month.

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