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3 Financial Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making

Daphne Veras on Feb 27, 2014

What’s worse than making a mistake?

Easy. Making a mistake that you don’t know about.

It’s dressing inappropriately for a job interview. It’s looking extremely orange on pictures from the excessive use of fake tanner. Or the inappropriate use of the terms their, there, and they’re on your public social media posts.

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6 Simple Tips for Budgeting (Even if You Suck at It)

Daphne Veras on Feb 20, 2014

Guest post by Anna Cadwallader 

Overspending happens easily. We’ve all had that moment where we’ve looked at our most recent purchases and been a bit surprised by our overzealous credit card swiping. That’s why it’s important to create a budget to maximize saving and to take control of your finances.

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Surviving a Job Loss. How Prepared Are You?

Daphne Veras on Jan 29, 2014

Guest post by Kate Furlong

When a job loss hits, it can be terrifying for everyone involved. Not having a steady paycheck is a very difficult thing to adjust to and it can be much worse if you are already living paycheck to paycheck or have a family to support. However, there are some things you can do both before and after you lose your income to help you through the ordeal.

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3 Smart Ways to Keep Your Finances in Check

Daphne Veras on Jan 03, 2014


OK, show of hands.

Who starts developing a new financial plan as part of their New Year resolution in December, starts executing it in January, and totally forgets it come February?

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Avoid Overspending This Holiday Season

Sarah Kaufman on Dec 18, 2013

Being festive this holiday season doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, gift giving, baking, cooking, drinking, and just simply being merry can be quite inexpensive — if you know where to look. Follow these tips to avoid overspending this holiday season.

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Sinking in Debt: How to Keep Your
Head Above Water

Daphne Veras on Dec 10, 2013

When you search the web for “how to get out of debt?” It seems many have a secret recipe to doing it fast. A blitz occurs on your monitor with thousands of articles containing the secret, the five easy steps, the 30-second guide, or (my favorite one) “the real secret.” But if it’s so simple, then why are there still so many Americans drowning in debt?

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The Basics of Personal Finance

Sarah Kaufman on Nov 13, 2013

Responsibly managing your finances doesn’t necessarily come easy — it can be stressful and even daunting to think about the tools you may need to create a concrete financial plan. In reality, though, basic financial management is really quite simple. Here are a few key areas where you can easily start when dealing with your own finances.

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Fun Fall Activities for Less

Sarah Kaufman on Oct 14, 2013

Looking for fun fall activities but don’t want to spend a fortune? Try one of these budget-friendly activities that will keep you active and enjoying the weather without a hefty price tag.

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How Technology Can Save You Money

Sarah Kaufman on Sep 13, 2013

Think technology is just for adding friends, finding followers and taking pictures? Think again. Today’s advancements in technology can actually save you big bucks on the stuff you buy every day. Here’s how:

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5 Basic Tips to Maintain Excellent Credit

Daphne Veras on Sep 11, 2013

When it comes to your credit score, a minor oversight can instantly destroy what took years for you to build up. So once you reach your “dream score,” it’s very important to stay on top of it to maintain it there. This will ensure you will always have access to the best financial options.

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