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Recent Changes to the ITIN Application Process

Ross Wolfe on Jun 29, 2012

You had your day in the sun, notaries, but you’re a thing of the past. Today’s ITINs require official certification — notarization alone won’t cut it. (“Portrait of F. De Pisia, a Papal Notary”)


Depending on where you’re located — in an urban center or anywhere there’s a military base or large immigrant community — if you’re a tax preparer or Electronic Return Originator (ERO), it’s more than likely that you’ve helped a client apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).  In lieu of having a Social Security Number (SSN) with which to identify oneself, anyone who’s required to pay taxes to the U.S. government needs to obtain an ITIN in order to fill in the necessary paperwork.  Seeing as you’re probably quite familiar with all that’s involved in this process already, however, it’s safe to say that we can skip the basics.

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