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The Benefits of Going Paperless with Your Financial Accounts


How to go paperless via Manilla

I have a confession to make: Before I went digital with virtually everything in my life, I was a little obsessed with paper. I used paper to make multiple lists (and lists of those lists); I read only paper books and avoided all things Kindle-related; and I welcomed the feeling of newsprint ink seeping into my fingertips as I read the morning paper.

But those days are over. Not because I don’t still love paper, but because the benefits of going paperless far outweigh the costs of, well, not. Take it from me, a formerly paper-obsessed, yet seemingly normal, consumer: It’s worth it.

Here are my top three benefits you’ll experience when you go paperless with your financial accounts.

1. Less mess

This one is as simple as it sounds. When you go paperless with your accounts, you’re no longer dealing with paper. And when you’re no longer dealing with paper, you’re no longer dealing with clutter. It’s really that easy.

Even in my darkest moments of being obsessed with paper, I knew the clutter was getting to me and that even I would eventually reach my breaking point. When you go digital with your financial and other online accounts, you can get rid of the paper that’s piling up in your home office (or, if you’re like me, your dining room table).

Most online services will provide you with a summary of your documents online. But a great way to get your full copies of your bills and statements is to use Manilla.com, which is a free, secure service that lets consumers manage all of their accounts in one place online or via mobile apps. Manilla provides your account documents forever, for free, which means they’re always available to view or download.

And if you ever have a freak-out moment and need the paper copy (we’ve all been there), you can easily print the document right from your Manilla account. This is the ideal situation to be in when it’s time to find older account documents, like during tax time.

2. Faster check deposits

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I cannot get enough of the check deposit feature on my bank’s mobile app for the iPhone (check to see if your bank has a mobile app and it likely has this feature). All I have to do is take a photo of the front and back of the check, click “upload,” and it’s automatically deposited into my checking account. It used to be that the convenience of depositing a check into an ATM would keep you from having to go to the bank. But this feature keeps you from having to leave your desk. Or your couch.

3. No more late fees

This one is huge for people who have trouble remembering to pay their bills on time. I get it — we are busy! Even the most responsible people sometimes forget to pay their bills on time. And not because they don’t have the money — but because no one reminded them to do it. Bill reminder service Manilla can help with this sort of thing with its automatic bill pay reminders that it sends via email or text. Manilla not only reminds you when it’s time to pay your bills, but it also reminds you when your Groupons or LivingSocial vouchers are about to expire, when you have an upcoming OpenTable reservation, and when it’s time to use your travel points and miles.


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