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Refundo at FinovateSpring 2013 - Demo Day

Wednesday (demo day) was a big day for us. We kicked off with not enough sleep. Then woke up to our press release hitting the newswires in the morning announcing the launch of our mobile banking app at Finovate.

We headed over to the venue, had a quick breakfast and a few meetings before sitting down for some morning demos. Noticeably, there was less buzz and energy in the air… Typical for a day 2.

We had some good conversations during our first break before Roger took the stage in the second session. Luckily, there were still a good number of folks in the audience.

We were all very proud of Roger’s delivery. We were live streaming him to our team back in the east who were cheering him on. His practice obviously helped and soon you’ll be able to view it yourselves via the Finovate archives. (We’ll be sure to post a link here when it’s ready.)

We are all very grateful for the positive feedback and support we received after his performance. And although we fell short of Best of Show, we pride ourselves on bouncing back and will try again next time!

We’re optimistic that we have a good platform to build off of, and that some of our initial conversations with potential partners will pay off via value-added services to our customers. At the end of the day, that’s who we’re working so hard for.

We captured lots of great moments on camera for you (below), enjoy! And don’t forget to download your app if you haven’t already. Until next time :-)

Demo day at Finovate 

Demo Day at Finovate

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