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Let's Talk NOW: A Video That Inspires Change

More often than not, we come across headlines like “Beware of…” or How safe is…” when referencing refund advances. In my previous post I showed how Refundo uses actions instead of words to instill trust. With that thought in mind, let’s talk about the positive impact of the NOW advance on taxpayers and show, in their own words, how it helped them through difficult times.



NOW Advances Are Lifelines for Taxpayers

When an action/event merits a jaw dropping, eye opening, or even pulled eyebrows reaction, it’s normal to hear yourself say, “I won’t believe it until I see it”. Does this mean we innately doubt? I don’t think so. I think fear of the unknown overwhelms us. Something unnatural or uncommon to some, can be the reality to many others.

These instances, however, play an important role in providing perspective. It forces you to step out of your comfort zone and have a greater understanding of what happens around you. At that point, you’re more receptive to hear options for improvement, even feel responsible for being a voice.

I want you to try something. Think about the last time you ate. Last time your utilities randomly turned off. Last time you received an eviction notice. Last time you ran out of gas. Last time you were fired from your job. Again...perspective. Throughout the last couple of weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of hearing how people used their refund advance to overcome these struggles. Using their words, the refund advance was both a “blessing” and a “relief”.

These stories all shared a very unique theme. Empowerment. Have you ever felt awkward or slightly defeated when you ask someone to loan you money? It’s good to ask for help, but it’s possible to feel a bit held back. The NOW advance changed that for taxpayers.

We felt and heard a revitalized self confidence that can only be described as uplifting. Obstacles will forever cross our path. It’s part of life. But for that brief moment, they embraced the challenge and felt accomplished.

They took pride in the opportunity to do it themselves, and created a deep seated satisfaction. It’s moments like these that help reinforce our commitment to expanding the NOW program.

It’s evident how the NOW advance provides an alternative for taxpayers. More than that, it shows a genuine effort to help.

For instance, it’s normal to react with skepticism or confusion when someone shows a helping hand.You may find yourself thinking, “what’s the catch”. But as time goes by, and no catch presents itself, your initial skepticism changes into gratitude.

This applies to the NOW advance. In due time, underbanked taxpayers will be more receptive to either banking options and tax alternatives, thus becoming more integrated within the financial system. Not only does the NOW advance serve as a support system, but also allows them to be less timid and more bold, as it relates to their finances.    

Initially, I found their disbelief in qualifying for the advance interesting. After looking at the feeling closely, I realized what it meant. Trust. Reliability.

How do you feel when you qualify for a line of credit? Excited?

Someone trusts you enough to fulfill the obligations of that credit; consequently, conditioning yourself to be more responsible and capable.

For taxpayers, the NOW advance, along with tax knowledge, helps restore confidence and trust their tax professional more.

When all’s said and done, you need to hear it from them. Like I mentioned before, their stories are inspiring and hopeful. We are grateful for their time and efforts spent on creating a video for people to witness. Remember, our efforts are focused on bringing perspective, and showing how we may be to quick to judge those who are presenting alternatives for refund advances. We hope you enjoy them!

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