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It's Trade show time at Refundo!

It’s official! The Refundo roadshow season starts on Monday.

Every summer we pack our bags and hit the road with the IRS Nationwide Tax Forums to connect with tax pros from all over the country and demo our new features.

This year will be no different. In fact, we enjoy these in-person events so much that we’ve decided to join the NATP conferences as well. Adding three additional shows to this year’s summer shows.

While attending it’s not mandatory for tax professionals, it’s certainly in your business best interest to attend one of these events. By taking a trip to one of these tax forums, you can benefit from earning up to 18 CPE credits, live seminars and workshops, and uncover first-hand the latest products and services for tax professionals.

If you are planning to attend any of these major tax industry events, come and check us out!

Click on the image below to see our full summer schedule and booth locations. And if you prefer to step away from the floor madness and have a one-on-one consultation with one of our team members, be sure to fill out our request a meeting form. 

We have lots of new features and exciting products lined up for the 2015 tax season and can’t wait to show them to you. And of course, we have some cool freebies you don’t want to miss out on.

So, if you are around, swing by our booth and let us show you how to become a HERO :-)



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