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How To Keep Refund Advances Alive

Refund Advances Help Taxpayers During Tax Season

Whenever you believe in something so much and try to voice your commitment, three things can happen. You can become overbearing and people stop listening. People believe what you say, but do very little to influence others. Or people can relate, love, admire and help promote the things that can help the people around you.

Maybe it’s your business? Marriage? Friendship? Here is the interesting part of this dynamic. Your commitment and dedication is just as important as those who believe and carry your message.

Whether it’s the importance of non-violent protests to achieve strides for racial equality, or Steve Job’s urge for Apple to think different, there needs to be a collective approach to keeping something alive. Only then, will you manage to influence people and make an impact.

So what now? Well, from a tax professional’s perspective, first you need to decide if this is something you value. From strictly a selling stance, besides creating and executing a sales plan, what is most important?

Belief in your product.

If you truly feel that a product provides a service that people will enjoy and benefit from, you’ll sell the product with passion and emotion. In the same way, if tax professionals make it their responsibility to share the impact of refund advances, we’ll be successful in changing its perception.

After investing in the idea, don’t be afraid to bring it up. If fear is an obstacle, you can reference my previous posts.

Remember, people fear the unknown.

At this point, you’re aware of how it benefits both tax professionals and taxpayers. Once tax professionals use the refund advance as part of their marketing efforts, taxpayers will be more aware and willing to participate.

Now, from a taxpayer perspective, it’s important to keep telling your story. We are fortunate to hear their stories and understand the significant impact it had on their lives. Now, would you want someone you care about to experience the same relief? Family? Friends? Co-workers?

Everyone should have an equal opportunity to feel empowered.

Think about the impact you can have on someone’s life by providing an alternative. If this sounds a bit exaggerated, I encourage you to watch our Let’s Talk NOW video. Whether you’re at church, PTA meetings, soccer practice, or dinner, there are many places where you can share your story.

The more you’re heard, the more relevant the NOW program can become. At that point, the public will remove the negative stigmas associated with refund advances, and praise the arrival of the NOW program.   

The main objective is to continue improving and to share a positive perspective. The US government is an opponent of refund advances because of predatory lending. Their main purpose is serving taxpayers.

However, the NOW advance serves as an alternative to the RAL. We’ve gotten this far through education, communication, and empowerment. It’s our responsibility as taxpayers and tax preparers to improve the ways in which we live. The evolution of the NOW serves that purpose.

The reintroduction of the NOW serves as a platform for change, and the continued improvement serves as an opportunity for progress. Let’s work together and share ideas of how to improve this platform.

We’ve started the conversation and need your help to keep it going. Once we feel like it’s coming to an end, we’ll regroup and figure out how to make it better. Only then, will people feel empowered to share their thoughts and feel like they’ve contributed to something that will benefit the public.

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