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How Technology Can Save You Money

Technology saves you money

Think technology is just for adding friends, finding followers and taking pictures? Think again. Today’s advancements in technology can actually save you big bucks on the stuff you buy every day. Here’s how:

 Money-saving apps

Utilize the apps and tools available to you to help you save money on everything from phone charges, to gas prices, to clothing at your favorite retailers. WhatsApp lets you text and chat for free with people overseas, so you never pay international fees the way you would with regular texting. GasBuddy shows you the best deals on gas in your area, eBay-owned RedLaser will tell you get the best deals by doing convenient price comparisons, and Hukkster lets you know when your favorite apparel items are going on sale.

Avoid late fees with bill reminder apps

Use Manilla.com or the top-rates iOS and Android mobile apps to manage all of your bills and accounts in one place online and get reminders when your bills are due. You can easily view your bills and balances so you always know what you owe, so there are no surprises down the road. Manilla’s bill reminder feature helps you avoid wasting money on pricy late fees.

Keep track of your spending with mobile banking apps

Download the Refundo mobile app for free to open an FDIC-insured bank account right from your iPhone in seconds (coming soon to Android mobile). You can transfer funds to friends and family in the Refundo network quickly and securely with just the click of a button. Refundo also helps you better manage your finances by giving you a detailed view of your transactions with automatic categorization and the option to activate alerts about your account activity which you can receive via email, SMS or push notifications.

Save for college or pay back student loans with cash-back programs

Money you need to spend today can help pay for college in with cash back from Upromise by Sallie Mae. Simply starting your shopping at Upromise.com, you can get 5 percent of that spending back for college from hundreds of major online retailers such as Target.com, Staples.com and Oldnavy.com or double that to 10 percent with the Upromise MasterCard. The rewards program is free to join, easy to use and members have earned $750 million in cash for college.

Daily deals

Daily deals sites and apps — such as Groupon, LivingSocial, Yipit, DailySteals.com, Gilt and Hautelook — show you temporary deals that can save you a ton of money on high-end clothing, dining out, travel, and more. You can either sign up to get emails every day, or you can visit the websites and apps on your own to avoid filling up your email inbox.

Social media hashtags and updates

In case you’re not sure, in social media, a hashtag is a pound sign (#) that’s placed in front of a word or phrase to help categorize posts. They’re most popular with Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags like #deals, #discounts or #clearance help you find top deals on your favorite products. A simple #coupon search just now led to tons of deals from brands like Gap, Pepsi, Quiznos, Kohl’s and more.



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