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How A Business Loan Can Help Grow Your Tax Business

As an ERO (Electronic Return Originator) you have your fair share of challenges in operating your tax office paired with the fact that technology moves fast, your office is likely to fall behind sooner rather than later. Investing in new technology can quickly pay for itself and lead to wider profit margins overall, but the money for the upfront cost has to come from somewhere. 

We know how it is, your busy season is months away, you are focusing on how to get more customers and you have the need to invest in your space and staff, a business loan is a great way to free up short-term funds and get to tax season in a more manageable fashion.

Consider these common upgrades that regularly help businesses improve office productivity:

  • CRM (Client Relationship Management) Software, provides your employees with the specific tools to handle ongoing client relationships rather than using plain ol' memory, spreadsheets, or even sticky notes.
  • Mobile hardware such as tablets and smartphones. Many cloud-based services take advantage of smartphones to provide the same features and functionality as much more expensive desktop computers. For example, smartphones and headsets paired with cloud-based telephony software is less expensive than dedicated PBX's or traditional phone lines, and often provides more features and integration with other enterprise software.
  • New office space is a common need for a growing business. Instead of stunting growth, freeing up funds by taking on a business loan allows you to upgrade to a larger space sooner and harness the moment.
  • New hires are the main way growth manifests. It's a tough moment for any business to decide between taking on a valuable staffer and making it to tax season. A business loan removes the anxiety from this choice.

Unexpected expenses can be the primary element that stops owners from appropriately investing in their growing company. A business loan is a safe, reasonable way to finance your business growth while making sure you get to tax season, the most important part of the year!

Need a business loan to get to tax season? Apply Today!

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