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Biggest Mistakes Tax Professionals make at IRS Trade Shows


Before you use your terminator focus to find some good freebies, ask yourself why you’re attending the IRS trade shows. Unfortunately, not enough people ask themselves that, and fail to have a clear understanding of their goals for the event. It’s almost like walking into a networking event that you paid for, grabbing a couple of beers, maybe some nachos, and then desert…if you’re lucky. Instead, buy a 6 pack of beer, Tostito scoops, some good ole Ben and Jerry’s, and call it a day. Here’s my point. If you’re going to the trade shows and focused on the freebies, you’ve already lost.

These trade shows provide an opportunity far greater than something you could’ve picked up at Staples. My message is clear. You need to understand where you lack resources or what challenges you’re facing, and find a better option that can help alleviate that pressure. This is an opportunity to learn from fellow tax professionals and understand where the industry is headed. Only then, will you take steps into becoming an expert and a successful business owner.

Here are the important questions you need to ask:

You have the perfect forum (IRS trade show), or the “where”. The trade show floor will also provide the different companies, or the “who”. As a business owner, your next thought should be on the “what”.

What would help me increase productivity with my staff? What part of my business should I focus on? What tools can I implement to increase my workflow? What are my biggest challenges? What can I do to minimize costs? What recommendations do they have that can help?

These are questions that you need to address.

After you’ve figured out the “what”, then you look for resources that can fix or help address your obstacles. Here you address the “why” and the “how”.

How does this help minimize costs? How does this system differ from that one? Why is this resource necessary? How does this help me become more efficient? How else can you help?

These questions provide very clear steps to achieve what you want from the tax forum and prevent you from making the same mistakes over and over again. Remember, you're trying to improve your business for tax season. These questions provide a guideline for what you should be thinking and asking. Here is where you start to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

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