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Jesse Arroyave

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Connect: Learn How The Chat Feature Ties Everything Together

Jesse Arroyave on Sep 16, 2016

I hope the suspense from the last couple of posts have carried over to this one! Our goal is to help you fully understand the Connect mobile app functions and process. If you do have some questions please feel free to send us your comments or questions via our social media pages.

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Understanding How Connect Works Will Blow Your Mind

Jesse Arroyave on Aug 25, 2016

Assuming that you read my previous post, you’re probably really excited about the new Connect mobile app. We talked about how more and more people are using DIY tax filing mobile apps, how having your own mobile app helps improve your business, and why we decided to develop Connect. Now I’d like to dive deeper into how it works and why the Connect app would be an amazing addition to your tool belt.

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Announcing Connect: A New Mobile App for Your Tax Firm that Helps you Reach New Clients

Jesse Arroyave on Jul 29, 2016

It’s crazy to imagine how quickly tradeshows are taking effect, especially when you’re still catching your breath from tax season.

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Facts Only by Refundo Episode 25

Jesse Arroyave on Feb 16, 2016

Check out our latest episode of #faxonly by Refundo! This video helps provide a way to get your preparation fees a bit faster.

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Facts Only by Refundo Episode 24

Jesse Arroyave on Feb 15, 2016

We hope you had a great Presidents weekend, and as usual, we are in the office ready to answer any questions you may have!

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Facts Only by Refundo Episode 23

Jesse Arroyave on Feb 12, 2016

Check out our latest video that helps answer some Walmart Direct2Cash questions!

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Facts Only by Refundo Episode 22

Jesse Arroyave on Feb 11, 2016

We are very pleased that our efforts have helped make this tax season much easier! Our calls this week have been primarily focused on reprinting checks, and everyhting has been handled well.

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Facts Only by Refundo Episode 21

Jesse Arroyave on Feb 10, 2016

Our latest episode keeps it short and sweet. We urge tax professionals to make sure all their information is updated.

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Facts Only by Refundo Episode 20

Jesse Arroyave on Feb 09, 2016

Our latest episode talks about what to expect this week and what not to do with checks!

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Facts Only by Refundo Episode 19

Jesse Arroyave on Feb 08, 2016

Let's help your client's receive up to date information about their refund status and make our lives easier. Check out this video to see how!

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