How To Manage Employees in Your Tax Business Without Losing Them

Jesse Arroyave on Mar 25, 2015

Have you ever been in a situation where you probably felt underappreciated or overworked? A couple of things are a direct result. First, you start to hate your job. As a result of hating your job, you become less productive. By becoming less productive, you distract others and convince them to feel the same way. By distracting others, more people are less productive. When your team becomes less productive, they start to question their abilities as professionals and do not live up to their potential. Pretty crazy how this can happen huh?

I’m sure you’ve seen those Direct TV commercials that explain a similar slippery slope and the person’s eventual absurd downfall! But take a second and think about this scenario. Has it happened? Is it happening?

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7 Ways to Build Loyalty with Customers During Tax Season

Jesse Arroyave on Mar 19, 2015

For most, tax season is ending. But you’re not most people, or are you?

What do I mean by that?

Well, that depends on how you view your business, how much you’d like it to grow, and what you found successful this year.

Tax season has been exhausting, perhaps even more stressful than the previous one. At this point, referrals are slowing down, most people have completed their taxes, and are thinking about what the summer is going to be like. You’re probably thinking the same, which is perfectly OK. In other words, opportunities to bring in more business naturally dwindle around this time.  

But, what If you worked on the little things to help improve your business for next year?

Wait, what the hell does that mean?

Let me explain.

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Refundo NOW Just Got BIGGER

Daphne Veras on Feb 18, 2015

We are super excited to present an opportunity that makes NOWs more valuable for EROs and Taxpayers. Introducing the new and improved Refundo NOW advance!



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Get More Traffic During Tax Season! 5 Ideas That Really Work

Ian Gardner on Jan 23, 2015

With tax season finally here, and the Refundo NOW product in your arsenal, you already know this is going to be an incredible tax season. If you want to really put it over the top this year and make it one to remember, just follow these 5 simple steps to grow your business in a lasting way.

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A Tax Pro Guide to Tax Refund Bank Products [Infographic]

Daphne Veras on Dec 19, 2014

Retaining 100% of its clients is every small business dream. As a tax professional, with only 3 months to make most of your revenue, you have your work cut out for you when it comes to client retention. And of course having minimal interaction with clients during the year does not make it any easier.

Simply providing basic tax preparation services is no longer sufficient. As competitors enter your market, it’s crucial that you are the most innovative tax professional on your block and that you never have to turn away clients for not having enough money to pay for your services upfront.

Fortunately, we are here to help. We’ve created an infographic to give you a snapshot of how tax refund bank products work and the benefits of offering them in your office for you and your clients. 


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ERO Alert: Top Tax Season Scams to Avoid

Sharon Bennett on Sep 17, 2014

Each year, after tax season ends, IRS publishes a list called “The Dirty Dozen” which lays out information on tax scams seen most frequently during the season, so that EROs and taxpayers know what to look out for in order to protect themselves against fraud. Today, we'll cover some of the most critical ones and provide you a few tips on how you can help your clients avoid falling prey to the scams reported most frequently last tax season. 

The scams covered in this post are: 

  1. Tax Fraud via Identity Theft
  2. Scams perpetrated over the phone
  3. Fake e-mails and websites
  4. Return Preparer Fraud

You can also check out the Dirty Dozen list published by IRS in its entirety here

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Advent ERO's can now become HERO's

Daphne Veras on Aug 21, 2014


If you used Advent Financial in your tax preparation business for the 2014 season, we have great news for you! With Advent's detrimental exit from the tax related bank product business, you may now find yourself spending extra time looking for a new bank product provider that accommodates to your business needs.

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Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Bank Product Provider

Michael De Senna on Aug 13, 2014

As discussed in a previous blog post, bank product providers serve a vital function during tax season.

So how does today's tax preparer sort through the noise and find the right bank product provider for his/her business? Well, we've worked hard to assemble these top 10 questions to help you in your research. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read this post!

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AICPA Files Lawsuit to Stop IRS’s New AFS Program for Tax Preparers

Sharon Bennett on Jul 31, 2014

So here’s the latest we’ve gathered about the progress of this Annual Filing Season program started by IRS in a renewed effort to regulate tax preparers, or to allow tax preparers to “voluntarily” regulate themselves by participating.

As we mentioned on our last webinar, IRS has been careful to call the AFS program “temporary” and “voluntary” but they hope to be able to institute a more formal program soon enough.

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It's Trade show time at Refundo!

Daphne Veras on Jun 27, 2014

It’s official! The Refundo roadshow season starts on Monday.

Every summer we pack our bags and hit the road with the IRS Nationwide Tax Forums to connect with tax pros from all over the country and demo our new features.

This year will be no different. In fact, we enjoy these in-person events so much that we’ve decided to join the NATP conferences as well. Adding three additional shows to this year’s summer shows.

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