What's New for 2016: Direct2Cash and NOW Join Forces

Jesse Arroyave on Nov 24, 2015

As tax season quickly approaches, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to address to be successful. First you need to decide on a software, bank product provider, marketing campaign, growth strategy, workflow effectiveness, and even seasonal employees. I’ll give you a second to take it all in, and now pose a question that will put things into perspective. What’s the best way to understand your approach when everything seems to be coming all at once? Before getting on one of those Southwest “wanna get away” deals, first consider breaking each strategy down into parts.

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Refund Advances Are Back... But At What Cost?

Jesse Arroyave on Sep 17, 2015

Competition is a very funny thing. It has the ability to shift mentalities, embrace change, and push your work ethic. In fact, your work ethic is the only thing you have absolute control over. Nothing else. It requires sacrificing your energy and time to be your best self, thus giving you more tools to compete. Unfortunately, competition can also show a different side. The importance of competing and staying relevant sometimes forces us to make rash decisions, disregarding how it affects the people around us. It resembles taking performance enhancing drugs in sports or using insider trading information on the Wall Street trading floor. Competition should always reflect a positive outcome, not one that causes disbelief.

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Top Mistakes Tax Professionals Make at
Trade Shows

Jesse Arroyave on Jul 22, 2015

After several hours of listening to IRS seminars and watching the hour hand slowly approach twelve, you realize the last hour was spent thinking of how to best get in line for food. You try to focus, but let’s face it, you need a break. After all, there’s only so much information you can digest in one day. Alright, so after 17 pens, 6 folders, 4 shirts, 2 pins, and an obscure doll, you go back home and get ready for the next trade show. There’s a wide variety of things that people give away at trade shows. God knows we all love the occasional free supplies. But at what cost to your business?

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How to Protect Your Clients and Your Time Next Tax Season

Jesse Arroyave on Jul 02, 2015

You stop. In a matter of seconds, your hand hits your forehead, your nostrils flare, and your eyes close shut. Another roadblock. You try to search for some degree of optimism; maybe from a friend that thinks he knows best, but that’s not changing anything. Eyes still shut, you envision yet another roadblock.

Audit assistance is a tricky task. You can be promised full protection and undivided attention,  but if you’re not seeing results and feeling the above mentioned frustration, find someone who can. We take pride in our ability to take it a step further. Rest assured, no one knows audits like we do.

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A Pipeline of Success: 3 Ways to Increase Productivity Next Tax Season

Jesse Arroyave on Jun 10, 2015

After you’ve reached certain degrees of success or even encountered unfortunate failures, a couple of things can happen. Your success can make you complacent or empower you to work harder. In the same way, your failure can make you feel discouraged or propel you to fight more. With that said, my point is simple. Your success is directly correlated with how well you plan and how well you execute that plan. Perhaps you’ve come across a phrase that reads, “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time you’re late. And if you’re late, don’t bother showing up”.

Being on time means starting to plan now. By taking the time to plan for next year during the off-season, you will be more prepared, more capable, and less frantic.

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How To Keep Refund Advances Alive

Jesse Arroyave on May 28, 2015

Whenever you believe in something so much and try to voice your commitment, three things can happen. You can become overbearing and people stop listening. People believe what you say, but do very little to influence others. Or people can relate, love, admire and help promote the things that can help the people around you.

Maybe it’s your business? Marriage? Friendship? Here is the interesting part of this dynamic. Your commitment and dedication is just as important as those who believe and carry your message.

Whether it’s the importance of non-violent protests to achieve strides for racial equality, or Steve Job’s urge for Apple to think different, there needs to be a collective approach to keeping something alive. Only then, will you manage to influence people and make an impact.

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Let's Talk NOW: A Video That Inspires Change

Jesse Arroyave on May 11, 2015

More often than not, we come across headlines like “Beware of…” or How safe is…” when referencing refund advances. In my previous post I showed how Refundo uses actions instead of words to instill trust. With that thought in mind, let’s talk about the positive impact of the NOW advance on taxpayers and show, in their own words, how it helped them through difficult times.

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It's NOW or Never: Become an Innovator with Refund Advances

Jesse Arroyave on Apr 29, 2015

 So far we’ve established the perception of refund advances as well as how/why Refundo introduced the NOW program. It certainly doesn’t end there. In order to fully grasp the NOW’s capabilities, we mustn’t forget how it benefits tax professionals. 

From a business perspective, it’s normal to ask the familiar sales protocol: “What’s in it for me”? Besides providing a sense of relief for our communities, the NOW program helps build brand loyalty, client trust, and a competitive edge. It’s ok to question how the NOW manages to do all that. Remember, it’s our responsibility to help shed some perspective.

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Why NOW?

Jesse Arroyave on Apr 21, 2015


In my previous post, we discussed the perception of refund advances, good and bad, and focused on how it can be improved. The good represented the options it gives consumers. The bad revealed itself in how it was being executed. Whether you’re constantly keeping track of industry news or catch the occasional Facebook link, the purpose of the series is to provide real examples and thoughtful insights, so that you can form your own opinion.

With that said, let's talk about how and why Refundo introduced the Refundo NOW advance program for consumers.

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Blood, Sweat, and Taxes: Tax Pro Problems Unraveled

Jason Knewtson on Apr 15, 2015

The amazing Derek Redmond finishing the race after tearing his hamstring in the 1992 Olypmic Games

I've met my fair share of Derek Redmond's in the tax industry. So many that, I've witnessed tax offices close their doors for good. The foremost question and need I receive is "Jason, I've given blood, sweat and tears to no avail...what else can I do to have a successful tax practice?"

With that spirit, I want to share the interesting insights and attributes of the successful tax firms that I have spoken to and observed over the years with you...I want to do everything I can to help you and your firm cross the finish line of "success."

Part One of the Series...

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